IFCLI Cooperative Job List

2023-2024 IFCLI - Cooperative Job List

The IFCLI functions as a cooperative - we work together for the benefit of our organization.  Below is a list of some of the available cooperative opportunities for 2023-2024.

Bagels and Coffee Sign Ups/Reminders:  

This person will create a sign up list (names, dates, and emails) for families to bring coffee, bagels, and necessary condiments to our classes.  This person will also send out timely reminders to families when it is their turn to bring in refreshments and remind the families that set up and clean up is their responsibility on their day.

Social Night/Adult Night Out: 

We are open to your suggestions!! You can help choose the date.

MultiFaith Thanksgiving Pie and Coffee Hour after service (11/12/23): 

Two people will organize pie/coffee after service and possibly a food drive (ie. Long Island Harvest, Harry Chapin Food Bank etc).  We are open to your vision for the drive. 

Hanukkah/Christmas Celebration (12/17/23): 

Three people to organize/ plan craft activity tables, coordinate with our teen alumni to run the activity stations, organize the refreshments (bagels, coffee, latkes, jelly donuts, juice, hot chocolate, candy canes, gingerbread etc) We have a google sheet from last year that can be updated and sent out for members to volunteer to bring items. We have activities from last year so touch base with Christine/Allison.

Palm Sunday and Purim service (3/24/24): 

Your family will pass out the Palm prior to the service.  You will assist Rev. Vicky in organizing this youth led service (ie. passing out parts) Organizing the coffee hour following services.(You can provide this on your own, set up a sign up, use a website such as "volunteer spot", or simply send out emails--your choice!)

Easter Celebration (3/31/24): 

 Organize egg hunt, bunny hop races, prizes and coffee hour following the worship service.

Spring Picnic (6/9/24) One representative is needed from each group from the Multifaith Campus 

Help organize our annual end-of-the-year All Campus Picnic!