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Interfaith Community of Long Island (IFCLI)   

The IFCLI is a cooperative dedicated to serving Jewish-Christian families through the Brookville Multifaith Campus.

The Interfaith Community believes that today's families can successfully include two religions in their households. Our organization is a unique institution responding to the needs of such families.

Today, over a quarter of all American marriages are between people from different religious backgrounds. For couples who do not wish to choose one partner’s tradition, the normal option is to do nothing about religion or to find that it is a source of conflict.

The Interfaith Community of Long Island has specifically focused on serving Jewish-Christian families. The intermarriage issue is particularly powerful in the Jewish community where large numbers (perhaps as many as 50%) of Jews are now marrying people from other backgrounds, primarily Christian.  IFCLI is committed both to the continuity of religion and to strong families.  All are welcome!

Brookville Multifaith Campus

2 Brookville Road

Brookville, NY 11545

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