About us

Locally founded in 2005 by Pam Gawley, the chapter draws its members from throughout Nassau County (both North and South Shore), as well as from Queens, Brooklyn, and Suffolk Counties.

Each of our families has a parent who is Jewish and a parent who is Christian.  Our community embraces similarities between both Jewish and Christian traditions while respecting their differences.  We offer a dual faith education and a spiritual home where our families are authentically respected and each tradition is celebrated and honored.   Our classes are co-taught by both a Jewish and Christian educator.  We are part of a nonprofit organization that formally began in Manhattan in 1987.  You can view the website at www.interfaithcommunity.org to learn more. 

 What makes the Long Island chapter unique is that we are also part of Brookville’s Multifaith campus which is home to the Brookville Church, The New Synagogue of Long Island, and the Muslim Reform Movement.  Collectively these groups support one another by providing an open environment for learning, celebrating and honoring each distinct religion.  All events are open to everyone.  We work very closely with the Rabbi of the New Synagogue of Long Island and the Minister of the Brookville Church.  Our 7th and 8th graders have a special class called Identity and Transition.  All of the children graduate and have a commencement with a special ceremony in 8th grade.  Not only do the children share their own reflections, but also, clergy from both faiths offer their blessing.  Some children choose to be confirmed or to have a bar or bat mitzvah. 

 In addition to education and services our community is also a source of comfort in times of need.  The clergy of the multifaith campus  co-officiate baby blessing ceremonies, weddings and funerals.  We also have a multifaith meal ministry.