Member Registration

Membership entitles families to participate in Interfaith Community programing for  September 1 through August 31. Membership in the Long Island Chapter is $600 yearly. This is a tax-deductible payment.
For our toddlers and pre-school age children we offer a special class--Celebrating our Songs. This class has a fee of $200. Children's Class Tuition for children in grades K-8, is $495 per child enrolled and is not tax-deductible.
There are additional fees for Idenitity & Transition retreats and select other programs.
*We are a cooperative organization. Parents of our students have 2 options:
Option 1: Take on a job within our organization  list. [CLICK HERE TO SEE JOB LIST]
Option 2: Pay a $300 fee and do not take on a job
**Financial assistance is available and confidential. Email for details. 

Step 1: Complete the IFCLI Registration form and click "Submit"

Step 2: After you submit your form, please click on the link below to proceed to the Payment Center.